CapGrow Partners - Housung solutions for service providers



CapGrow Partners can provide you with the unique opportunity to gain control of the capital that is trapped in your current real estate holdings. Furthermore, CapGrow Partners allows service providers to remain "cash heavy" by allowing for the capital that is traditionally required to finance the purchase or construction of a new home to be retained.

Focused Resources
CapGrow Partners allows you to focus more time and attention on fulfilling your organization's designated scope of roles and responsibilities. By allowing the CGP team to complete all of the duties and tasks assigned to building or purchasing an already existing new and/or replacement home, your organization will be empowered to focus greater time and resources on servicing your Clients' needs.

Off-Balance Sheet Transactions
CapGrow Partners' services prevent a mortgage or other indebtedness from being carried on the balance sheet.

The CGP business model is specifically structured to ensure that every Client’s needs and desires can be responded to quickly and accurately. The Company treats each opportunity individually and does not use templates. Furthermore, CapGrow Partners prides itself on the ability to react and conform to each Client’s growing, and sometimes immediate, residential needs.

Enhanced Financial Statements
Depending on each transaction's structure, book income may increase during the transaction's initial years due to leasing a home versus owning one. This structure will potentially produce a lower book value for your organization's assets, thus enhancing your organization's Return on Assets (ROA).

Operational Control
CapGrow Partners' leasing structures allow your organization to maintain absolute and complete control of your operations.

Minimized After-Tax Cost
When you lease a home from CGP you are given the ability to deduct the monthly rental payments over the term of the lease, which provides your organization with a minimized after-tax cost when compared to personally financing a home.

Greater Depreciation
Federal income tax laws do not permit a company to depreciate the land value of a property, only buildings and physical improvements. With CGP’s specialized leasing structures, however, all land values are factored into the monthly lease payments. Since the lease payments are fully deductible over the term of the lease, your organization is able to depreciate the cost of the land.

CapGrow Partners' explicit attention to detail and true understanding of both our organization's and clients' unique needs pertaining to custom building multiple homes made the decision to utilize their services easy and sensible.