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Build-to-Suit / Lease

The Process

  • We review your budget for leasing a home
  • We work closely with you to define and finalize the specific program and design requirements for the to-be-built home
  • Desirable plots of land are located and reviewed
  • We work with you to narrow down the most desirable plot of land, and have the site thoroughly evaluated
  • The final architectural plans are drawn up by CGP, and approved by your organization
  • After careful review, we select a local builder and contractor(s) to complete the project
  • We tend to all of the development, construction and closing activities
  • The construction process is completed typically within 6-12 months

The Advantage

  • We assume 100% of the financing risk
  • Through the process of taking on all of the financing, developing and construction management responsibilities, we allow you to focus more time and resources on your operations and Clients
  • We've provided you with a customized home
  • We've lessened your amount of real estate-related risk
  • You have entered into a Lease Agreement that is specifically designed to meet both your operation's needs, as well as the needs of the residents living in the home
  • We provide a Committed, Responsive, Experienced solution

The Benefits

  • You are able to divert all attention and resources away from the often complex and cumbersome responsibilities associated with building a new home
  • You will be able to reduce your organization's real estate exposure and, as a result, have more confidence in making alternative investment decisions
  • You have eliminated the need to assume additional indebtedness on your balance sheet
  • The lease payments are fully deductible over the term of the lease, which in turn allows for a for-profit company's after-tax cost to be less than if they would have used an alternative form of asset-based financing