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Our services eliminate one of the greatest challenges service providers face today: the ability to acquire safe, secure and appropriate housing. There are significant benefits to utilizing our “non-ownership” housing strategy. By allowing our team to assume all of the roles, responsibilities and financing risk attributed to obtaining a new and/or replacement home, our clients are given the valuable opportunity to achieve liquidity and focus more time on fulfilling mission-based goals.

We also understand the importance of remaining flexible and uniquely responsive to each Client’s objectives and operational requirements. That is why organizations nationwide are turning to us for help with expanding, liquidating and enhancing their residential portfolio.

Explore our different Lease Programs, learn more about the Benefits of a relationship with our company and read some Key Criteria regarding our services.

The CapGrow team was wonderful at helping us find the right property at the right price. Their expertise allowed us to do what we do best and left the real estate transaction in their more than capable hands.