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Lease Programs

We’ve Been In Your Shoes.
We know the challenges that service providers face in obtaining housing that is appropriate to the needs of the individuals they serve. Moreover, we are aware that as overhead costs continue to rise and state reimbursement plans remain uncertain, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to commit the funds traditionally required to finance the purchase or construction of a new home.

The following lease options can open a wide array of financial and operational opportunities for not only your organization, but also the Clients you serve:


  • We will work with you to determine the best new housing option, purchase the home, incorporate any required modifications and lease the home to your organization
  • We will also work with a consumer's family and/or you to determine the best housing option and lease the home directly to the consumer


  • We can purchase the current home(s) that you own, incorporate any needed or required updates/modifications and lease the home(s) back to you -- up to 100% equity realization


  • We have the expertise and resources required to custom build a home to your specifications and needs, and then lease the home directly to you

We have found the CapGrow Partners team to be extremely accommodating, responsive and pleasant to work with!