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Purchase / Lease

The Process

  • We review the current available budget for leasing and come to a working agreement on the requested lease terms and conditions
  • Using both independent search methods and the assistance of local real estate agents, we seek out the most appropriate housing options
  • We make an offer based on the information provided earlier, and present your organization with a select list of potential homes
  • We will work with you to further narrow down the list of homes and have the top prospect(s) inspected and appraised
  • Along with you we will finalize the terms and conditions of the lease, and make an offer to purchase the home
  • We will tend to all of the purchasing and closing activities
  • You are handed the keys to your new home in typically 30 days or less

The Advantage

  • We assume 100% of the financing risk
  • CPG fully finances the new home, which allows you to retain the capital normally required to finance the purchase of a new home
  • We will only bring you into the process when needed, thus allowing you to focus more time and attention on your operations and clients
  • You have entered into a lease that was specifically designed to meet both the needs of your organization, as well as the individual needs of the clients served in the home
  • We provide a Committed, Responsive, Experienced solution

The Benefits

  • You will be able to preserve 100% of your capital
  • You will eliminate the need to assume additional long-term indebtedness on your balance sheet
  • The rent is fully deductible over the term of the lease, which in turn allows for an after-tax cost to be less than if you would have used an alternative form of asset-based financing